Add a Trex or Wood Fence to Your Property

Sean Squared Environmental Construction can install a fence

Whether you're looking for a natural wood fence or a durable composite fence, you can rely on Sean Squared Environmental Construction. We offer Trex and wood fence installation services.

Our team will handle:

Preparing the site
Creating the fence frame
Constructing the fence
Installing additional features

Our additional features include gates, decorative features and other finishing touches. Plus, if you opt for a wood fence, we can paint or stain it. Call 303-233-5220 now for a free estimate. You can also use the form on the Contact Us page to email us.

We offer additional fencing services

Sean Squared Environmental Construction can provide fence repair, board replacement, panel replacement, cleaning, maintenance and refinishing services. While drawing from more than 10 years of experience, we can make sure that you have a strong and attractive fence that provides privacy and security. Contact us today to plan a fencing project.